Start the adventure

Ready for an adventure? Take a dive into some of the best photos from our Quad Adventures! Take your friends, family our colleagues and start exploring the coolest places in the region. Let us take you on a wild tour where you’ll encounter beautiful landscapes and wildlife!

Why quads

Quads are perfect for exploring the rough terrain of Lika. Go to places where cars cannot. Climb to the highest mountains in the region, experience the most rewarding views without a lot of effort. Our guides will show you the coolest places in the region and you’ll be amazed.

These are ideal vehicles for group adventures since they allow everyone to stay together effortlessly. Moreover, they offer the versatility of enjoying a leisurely ride through scenic routes at a relaxed pace or revving up the excitement with a thrilling adrenaline-packed experience.

Quads are great for exploration, give them a try with us!

Be aware

Please be aware that the quad driver must have a valid B driver’s license and all passengers (as maximum two people can be on each quad vehicle) must be at least 12 years old.

Furthermore, it’s important to properly prepare for the adventure. We highly recommend taking long pants to your ride for safety reasons. Take a look at the weather forecast the day before and prepare your clothes accordingly. Take gloves if its too chilly or put on some sunscreen if it’s really sunny out there. Please be aware that despite warm weather conditions, quad tours can feel significantly colder due to wind chill factors. Also, take some water and snacks (if you did not agree for a lunch stop). 

We’ll provide a mandatory full-face helmet which is cleaned after each ride. Quad models are Polaris Sportsman 570. Each vehicle has more than enough trunk space for clothes, food and drinks.

How to ride?

It’s important to take into account that a quad vehicle is driven in a specific manner, significantly different than a motorcycle. To change direction, the driver should not lean towards the desired direction as that won’t help in navigating the vehicle. The driver should, instead, turn the steering wheel in the desired direction. This is a common mistake and should be well understood before starting your adventure. Keep this in mind and feel free to ask our guide to demonstrate it to you before the start of the tour. The driver should also keep an adequate distance between him and the quad in front of him.

Also, the passenger should always keep two of their hands on the quad handles, one on either side of them. It’s important to keep a firm grip throughout the tour.

Your guide will show you the basic controls right before the start of your adventure.

It’s important to ask questions before the tour. Also, if you have a question, blow the horn on your vehicle, your guide will stop and kindly answer your questions. It’s much better to stop the adventure for a minute than to have a safety risk throughout the whole experience.