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Get ready for an excellent Likabike adventure in the heart of Croatia. Visit Lovinac and start exploring the most beautiful parts of Lika with our team of passionate adventurers. Quads, bikes or housing with pools, we have it all! Explore what we offer and contact us to create your next vacation. See you soon!

As part of the Lika Destination cluster, we are proud to offer our visitors excellent adventures on our quads and bikes, accommodate them in our modern houses and, of course, take care of their dining needs in nearby restaurants.

Who is this for?

Family, friends or colleagues

Quad adventure

Likabike is a tourist agency which offers custom vacations. We can create a perfect getaway for team buildings, family gatherings or friend reunions. Houses with pools, food & adventures through the most beautiful parts of Croatia, we have it all! Let us arrange a perfect vacation for you.

Tell us your ideal vacation, and we’ll tailor every detail just for you. Rest easy, we’ve got your accommodations, dining, and entertainment all taken care of. It’s your chance to reset from the fast-paced world we live in and enjoy the perfect getaway.

About Likabike


All over the Lika-Senj county

Our headquarters are in Lovinac as this is our hometown. We believe this area offers tremendous quality because of its wonderful people and beautiful nature. That’s why we want to make a small contribution and increase the value of this beautiful region. Therefore, we invite you to visit our little paradise and enjoy a real vacation.

Likabike home
Likabike area

We operate all over the Lika-Senj county. We’re also willing to venture to more distant locations to accommodate your needs! We want to explore new areas together with you!

Check out what our guests think about our services.​

As a new travel agency, we are working hard to accommodate as many people as possible and we have already received a lot of wonderful feedback from our visitors. Don’t just listen to us – research the opinions of our guests and make sure that our services provide high quality.