Explore More, Stress Less: The Magic of Bike Adventures

Discover the untouched nature while boosting your health and vitality – all with the power of two wheels. Bicycles offer a unique way to embrace exploration and well-being simultaneously. Whether you’re craving scenic trails, vibrant city streets, or tranquil country paths, bikes provide the freedom and flexibility to embark on unforgettable journeys.

That’s why we believe bikes are perfect for the Lika region! And our E-Bikes especially, because they offer endless exploration for anyone. We embark on this journey because we love bikes and we hope you’ll love them too!

Feel the nature

Bikes are perfect for connecting with the nature. Surround yourself with mountains, rivers and beautiful trees. It's the best way to reset from the fast-paced way of living!

Go anywhere

You are not limited to paved roads! Go anywhere you like, but know the terrain. 750km of bike paths around Lovinac means you can see the most beautiful places in our region!

For everyone

Our E-bikes are perfect for anyone wanting to explore the nature but are not the best athletes. Hop on our E-bike and start exploring up to 120km*. Take your family and create lifetime memories!

Likabike bikes

Our Bikes


Our Giant and MS Energy Hardtail Mountain E-Bikes perfect for exploration. Comfortable, but capable. Up to 120km of range, depending on multiple parameters. Just hop on a bike and start exploring.

Mountain bikes

We offer Fuji hardtail mountain bikes, designed for advanced riders who prefer the pure experience of cycling without electric assistance. These lightweight bikes are versatile and well-suited for all kinds of exploration in the beautiful Lika region.

Bike Festival

"Srce Velebita"

Srce Velebita is a long-term seasonal festival held in Lovinac, Lika. This bike festival includes the best parts of the bicycle culture; biking through beautiful nature, people coming from different parts of the country and, of course, great food.

Come and experience the greatest bike festival in the region! Go on fantastic group rides, taste excellent homemade dishes and hang out with great people. Find out all the latest info on their website and Facebook pages.

Ride your bike and have some fun!

likabike bikes


An important part of your bike adventure is the preparation itself. Poor preparation can reduce your enjoyment of driving and sightseeing, so we want to prepare you in the best possible way. So, let’s start…

The day before the tour, definitely familiarize yourself with the forecast. We like to use multiple different sources to be sure. Dress according to the weather and take into account that it could be much colder in the forest. So, gloves, glasses, sunscreen… whatever you need depending on the weather.

This brings us to the terrain you will be driving on. If you have arranged for our guide to go with you, then you have no worries. Follow him and you are safe. On the other hand, if you go exploring alone, we recommend charging your mobile phones so that you have a map available at all times. A good tip is to take a physical map to find your way around. In addition, familiarizing yourself with the terrain a few days before gives you an insight into the difficulty of the tour. We highly recommend looking into this in detail to make sure you can do the tour.

Finally, water and energy bars ensure that you are comfortable throughout the tour. Take a bottle of water with you that you can put on our bike, and put something to eat in your backpack!

We invite our guests and all those interested to explore the LTF site, which is rich in interesting bike paths and pictures from them.

Bikes and helmets are waiting for you, see you soon!